Great lake and beautiful weather

Nov 11 2021

Jon Lewis


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We caught about 43 fish and culled about 8. A 14” fish on this lake is a pretty hefty fish. We caught one just over four, one just under five, and one nearly six pounds. We caught a bunch in the 2+ pound range and the 3+ pound range. All sizes of fish fight really hard…and I mean hard. The day was mostly cloudy with moderate winds. Pretty easy to find shelter from the wind, if need be, with all the tall East Texas trees. 

We threw the tackle box from 8:30 to 5:15. Most of our fish were caught on an 8” Zoom dark colored lizard, fishing them very slow with almost no weight. Most fish were caught near the vegetation line and the bite was light…and they came screaming straight toward the boat when hooked. A high speed reel came in handy. Nothing on topwater except a four pounder hit the lizard as it hit the water. 

I did catch one pretty big crappie on a wacky rig. And after I caught it I think I was getting other crappie bites earlier that I didn’t hook up. 

My sister says she doen’t have to be rich, she just wants go where the rich go. Well guys we need to say thanks for getting to fish this lake. This lake is a gem. It was a long drive from Granbury, but glad I got to go. 

Scott Q. of PWF was there and we got to meet him…a really nice new friend. 

Anybody contact me if you want to fish in my area. 

Nov 12 2021

Joshua Massoud


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That lake is amazing – away from it all, good ramp, nice dock/pontoon, and classic east texas fishing with structure, timber, and some light weeds with several coves.  Serious kuddos to the owner for letting us fish it and for PWF for bringing it into the family of lakes. 

Gratz on your great day.