Solid day at Frannies

Nov 03 2021

Joshua Massoud


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Randy Groves, his guest, and I fished Frannies lake in Emory Texas on Tuesday, Nov. 2nd.  I believe the final bass tally was Randy 29, me 53, and guest 16 with 12 culls between us and 3 nice slabs to boot (note we finished at different times, we were all consistently catching). Randy had the biggest at 4.7lbs IIRC, with both of us catching multiple upon multiple 3-4lb fish.   My observations and notes can be found below. 

  1. First, what a fantastic lake setup!   Thank you to the owners for sharing this us!
  2. Water was 63 degrees when we got on the lake and 63 when we left.  Cloudy, some drizzle, and a fair NE wind of about 10-12 mph.  Water visibility was about 2.5feet in most spots, sometimes less.  
  3. There are multiple little cove/creek areas, a number of shallow flats, a couple of spawning areas/flats, with some deeper zones that I’m sure are stacked in the summer and winter.  There is some slight vegetation but overall pretty limited – the main holding areas for bass are timber and structure (humps, sharp depth changes).  The provided contour map can help guide you on spots to focus on, but for us on this day, it was 6-8 foot deep water with quick access to deep and shallow water.
  4. I focused on the areas in pink below.  I thought the bass might be shallower in spots, but there were very few, other than some isolated loners, that were in any water 3ft or less.  
  5. Buzzbait near pond weed and shallow humps worked well early.  Got a few takers on a spook.  
  6. A fairly large school of bass moved into the shallowish water (4-6 feet) early to feed near the top creek/cove arm on the north side of the lake down to the little peninsula.  Shad occupied each of the creek/cove areas but the bass didn’t seem to venture in to chase them.  We worked that school over pretty good using sqbill running at 3-5ft.  Randy found this school and was nice enough to share. 
  7. My bigger fish came off off large pieces of isolated timber on a magnum chart sqbill. I even got a crappie on one.  
  8. Guest used plastics with some effectiveness.  I ran a fluke type bait some – but overall they wanted something moving into them, but not necessarily willing to chase to far.  This would have been a good jerkbait day – but I left that box at home (bleh).  All my hits on plastics were on the pull up, not on the fall.  
  9. Another productive area for me was the standing timber off the main lake adjacent to the dock.  I missed a very large fish that shook my sqbill there.  
  10. Randy got a 6.5lb+ fish to the boat, but missed his boat flip and it got off.  
  11. We saw no bass breaks in the water.  The cold front sort of suspended them, but they were still willing takers when lures were brought to them.  
  12. Several of the bass had reddish mouths and several had a golden hue – I’m guess from crawfish but seems late in the season for that? 
  13. Several of the larger framed fish were underweight for their size and weren’t particularly dense.  Haven’t quite filled up on shad yet but with the water temps dropping and the shad in the backs of creeks, that will change soon enough.  There were some longer fish as well, but that is prettty typical of schoolers (vs football types that are more ambush types).  Also typical of crappie lakes where there is more competition (at least in my experience). 
  14. A number of the fish were recently caught, so it is a good sign that they aren’t lure shy as this lake has been fished pretty hard the last week.  
  15. Things that didn’t work well today: Deep crank (15ft, 10XD, etc), big swimbaits).  75% of the fish were caught on a wide wobble sqbill or magnum sqbill.  The conditions cried for big and bold.