Good day at Beaver!!

Oct 21 2021

Travis Franklin (Mansfield)


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Reservation Number : 30098
Property Name : Beaver Lake
Reservation Date : 10/17/2021 AM -
Total Fish/Sizes : 20 lmb, 1 lrg. Blue gill
Lures Used : Top water spider, frog, whopper plopper, watermelon grub, large purple worm

Water was low , moss is really high onlly a couple of feet under water some spots even less. Water was super clear , I have been many times and have never seen it that clear. 
Started fishing around 8ish , 2 man boat we caught 20 lmb biggest around 2.5-3lbs . Most around 1-1.5 man they were strong though and healthy!!! Flying out of the water !!! Top water was great and fish were pretty aggressive!!bite turned off around 10:30 only caught a couple between 10:30-12. Overall good day and we had some fun. Would be great when it get some rain . Love fishing at Beaver always !