Nice Day at Shady Grove

Oct 13 2021

Tim Judson


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Reservation Number : 30047
Property Name : Shady Grove
Reservation Date : 10/12/2021 PM -
Total Fish/Sizes : 25 - 30; just a few dinks with plenty of 2 - 4 lbs in the mix
Lures Used : TX Rigged Platics

First time for me to fish Shady Grove. It’s a very atypical PWF property. I’m not sure I’ve ever only bank fished at a PWF property before. But since my start as a bass fisherman began on ponds around DFW, it was a return to the old days for me.

Shady Grove did not disappoint! I started fishing in the pouring rain and the fish were very aggressive. While some of the summer vegetation has begun to die back, it’s still very tight fishing. Seaching for pockets close to the bank where I could make a cast was a chose but was rewarded with lots of action. I made my way around the ponds, finally finding the one with the larger fish. (I’m not going to give it up in this report; it’s more fun to stumble on it yourself! You’ll know when you find it). The lily pads made for epic battles. At times, I’d wished I had a bayonet fixed to the end of my rod!

The sun popped out for 90 minutes and the fish completely shut down. I’ve never expereinved and off switch quite like this before. Hot to cold instantlay. Thankfully some more clouds rolled in and the bite was on again.

Wear boots and bring the snake gaiters. You’ll need both. Lots of long grass and indeed snakes to be on the lookout for.

Access to the lakes was fine. The trail is on a raised berm. It’s a little rough in places but my 4Runner had no issues getting to the ponds. If you are in a low-clearence car, it would be tougher.

Great addition to the club for a different style of fishing. Thanks PWF!