Rough day for fishing in the wind!

Oct 12 2021

Rick Jenkins


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 Overall; great to just get out! My guest and I were very excited for this trip knowing we were pre front so we probably set our expectations a bit high. Good news is that we caught fish; I was worried my guest might get skunked and not ever want to go again with me but he actually caught more than me which was a relief. 

 The day started off to be a challenge; battery was a no go even after charging all night but we made the best of it bank fishing the west side for the morning bite. Cloudy and windy; did i mention the wind? Nothing on top water; we weren’t seeing anything breaking the surface so we quickly changed to a dark colored chatterbait which yeilded three fish out of the shallow area at the far south of the lake; west side and a white shad colored spinner that got a bite as soon as it hit the water on the fall. One note; we kept seeing large dark shadows on this side of the lake. The water was very stained but I assume carp; they’d get very close to the bank and would spook when noticed making a huge swirl and splash. Anyone else see these ever? 

 After the sun started to break out; we decided to head to the store for a replacement battery which allowed us the opportunity to fish the brush piles upon return but it was surely windy out there which made it hard to stay in place for too long. We also noticed pretty quickly that the club jon boat has a few holes in it; looks like it has been dragged aroung the rocks and concrete boat ramp a bunch! We made it work for a while but the leaks along with the wind drove us off around noon. 

 We then decided to walk the east/dam side; got a few hits here and there. Lost a few in the piles but all in all we had a good time. Thank you to the club, members, and landowners who provide the opportunity to fish these private lakes!