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Oct 11 2021

Samuel Mitchell


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Reservation Number : 29460
Property Name : Northeast Lake
Reservation Date : 10/08/2021 PM - 10/09/2021 AM
Total Fish/Sizes : 15 1-2# and 5 3-5#
Lures Used : Hollow frog/chatterbait/Texas rig salamander

My dad and two brothers had a great time in Athens Friday afternoon and Saturday morning.  I fished from my kayak from noon till 2 and it was still hot.  However I moved around the shore and almost every bit of shade held a fish or two.  I was surprised to see so many frogs!  Later in the afternoon the TX rig salamander worked fine but caught most of the smaller fish.  Once I started throwing the z man chatterbait i started catching bigger fish.  Same pattern Saturday morning.  We played cards and cooked steaks Friday night.  A great investment of time with some fishing and my dad.  

Oct 11 2021

Steve Alexander


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So interesting you mentioned an increase in frog sightings. We have been doing a ton of electrofish surveys this year on our lakes and potential new lakes we are seeing more and more frogs. I have no idea why, but we are.