Dogleg Ranch

Oct 08 2021

Doug Johnson


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Reservation Number : 29967
Property Name : Dogleg Ranch
Reservation Date : 10/06/2021 AM -
Total Fish/Sizes : 5
Lures Used : fly rod/baitcast

Fished this lake morning of 10/6.  Very slow day.  Morning temp on arrival was 57.  Left at noon with temps already pushing 90.  The lake is pretty weed choked right now making it difficult to launch a boat or kayak.  Caught only 5 fish.  Was alternating between fly rod and soft plastics.  Caught 3 bass --best was 4.79 lbs, 2 others that were still over 14 inches but barely.  Picked up 2 huge bluegills on the fly rod, one on a popper and one on a streamer.  The bluegills here are huge and on the right day with a bite on would be fantastic fishing on the fly. Since this ranch is host to lots of exotics, I was treated to Elk bugling for the first hour or so of fishing which was a real treat.