Great Day Fishing with Quiet, Peaceful Surroundings (Beautiful Cattle too)

Oct 07 2021

Chase Thibodaux


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Reservation Number : 29771
Property Name : Bremmond
Reservation Date : 10/02/2021 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 13 total LMB - Range 2lbs - 5.3lbs
Lures Used : Crankbaits, Jerkbait, Whopper Plopper, Fluke, Swimjig, Trick Worm

My son and I started out from the DFW area at 4:30am.  We arrived at the lake at 7:45am and were met with water that looked like glass.  Water clarity is about 2 feet.  We immediately headed toward the trees on the far side of the lake and landed a few of the smaller ones.  There was a lot of feeding happening in and around the trees on bait fish.  The bite died down and we headed to the opposite bank that runs parallel to the highway.  That’s where things began to get interesting.  My son started throwing a 6th Sense Craw colored (orange) crankbait and immediately caught the 5.3lb LMB.  A few casts later, he landed a 4.2lb LMB, then a 3.3lb LMB.  All in all, it was a great day fishing and we’d definitely return.  The land owner has shored up the boat ramp with small granite rock which was helpful.  His mix of longhorns and brahmas also came up and met us as we were leaving.  Bremmond is a definite winner!