Awesome Day at Bremmond

Sep 27 2021

Ron Dupree


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Reservation Number : 29830
Property Name : Bremmond
Reservation Date : 09/25/2021 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 93 12-21 inches
Lures Used : crank bait, shakey head, Texas rig

Fellow member John Shepard and I traveled to Thorndale and fished Bremmond Saturday morn. Arrived around 7:30ish to a very calm almost glasslike top on the water. We walked up to the boat ramp to check things out and made a few cast from the bank with top waters but no takers. We wasted no time to rig out the 12 ft tracker and headed for the tree line. As we approached we noticed lot of blowups in the trees so we each grabbed our favorite top water, John and his PopR and i like a floating frog. John made the better choice and quickly caught a couple. We travelled back and fourth along the tree line switching to texas rigged worms and 1/16th oz shakey heads. After a couple of trips back and fourth throwing at the trees we decided to hold the same position but throw  on the opposite side towards the middle and sure nuff there they were. Big ones, small ones and ones in between. We both had  medium depth crank baits tied on and had vey good luck with them throwing in front of the trees and towards the middle of the tank. 6-10 foot seemed like the sweet spot to catch them. Every now and then we would get a little breeze that would put a little chop on the top that seemed to help the bite

We ended the day at 5:00 with 93 total, aprox 20 were in the 4-5 plus pound range culling 38.These are very fat healthy fish that put up a good fight. We were very impressed with both quantity and quality of the bass in this tank overall. 

Water had a bit of an algae bloom on top but didnt seem to bother the fish. Water clarity was pretty good considering. Water temp was 74 deg when we started and 83 when we stopped. I was a little surprised when we found 23 foot deep water in the middle and towards the dam. Was not expecting to see that. Lots of bait appeared with the marks of bass all around. Thats always a good sign to me. This is one to put on your bucket list for sure.

Good job landing this property PWF team and thanks a bunch to the owner for sharing.