Tough fishing at Athens

Sep 06 2021

Josh Daniel


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Went to Athens lake woth my son, friend and his son. Fished from 3:00 to 7:30 on 9/4 – 3 lines from the boat and 1 from the shore and caught 2 small LMB total – one from the boat just west of the boat launch and one from the shore off the road on east side of lake – both caught on green lizards. On the water at 7:00 AM next day and threw top waters, spinner bait, crank bait and every color of lizards and worms. Finally in our last hour caught 1 small one and 3, 3-4 lbs – all LMB and all from the road on east side of lake from the road. 1 of the larger ones was 15 yards off shoreline with top water – other 2 were on worms that hit less then 2 yards away from the shoreline. Beautiful lake but worked hard for the fish caught.