9-3-21 Fishing with my Dad!

Sep 04 2021

Scott Porto


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Reservation Number : 29561
Property Name : Lost Creek Ranch
Reservation Date : 09/03/2021 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 24
Lures Used : Various

Had a great time taking my dad (85 years old) fishing. Fishing till about 1pm and caught 24. He used his fly rod the entire time and caught a good many bream along with the 24 bass we caught. It was a great day. 

Sep 06 2021

Mark Daugherty


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So awesome seeing you get your dad out there at 85. Definitely harder to make that happen, but the effort will pay dividends forever. I hesitated in getting my elderly father out on a PWF outing until it was too late. At least he enjoyed hearing about my outings with my son and my wife while he was with us. Way to go Scott.