First impression of Coldspring, its a keeper

Aug 24 2021

Ron Dupree


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Reservation Number : 29522
Property Name : Lost Creek Ranch
Reservation Date : 08/22/2021 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 41 Bass 12-18 inches 12 hand size blue gill
Lures Used : drop shot, whacky rig stick worm, crank bait

Sunday fellow member John Shepard and I ventured over to Coldspring and were quite impressed with the property. The owner deserves a big “thank you” for allowing PWF members to fish this property.

We loaded the Lowe 12 footer at sunrise on a very calm water except for the numerous oxygen pumps scattered up and down the length of the main body of water.  We had no idea where to start so we headed across from the boat ramp and to the right on the shady bank  throwing  moving baits. I didnt last long doing that till I started throwing a whacky rigged stick worm and caught two  right away. As we moved further down the bank John started getting hooked up on a wake bait and quickly jumped in front of me by four or five fish. Well I couldnt take that anymore so I pulled out the ole trusty drop shot and that was the bite.  I soon caught and passed John so he knew what he had to do, yep drop shot.

Anyway back to the lake features. It is almost like a river without the moving water once you move into the narrows from the main lake. It is quite deep in the middle of the narrows 12-16 ft was pretty common. There is vegetation on the sides but water drops very quick from 1 to 8 ft within a foot or so from the bank with laydowns and brush scattered up and down the banks. Pitching a whacky rig or drop shot close to any wood you could see usually got a bite. Coldspring is impressive as far as the owner’s investment in aerators, feeders and variety of things to fish i.e, deep open water, steep banks, some main lake points, secondary points, brush piles, a little standing timber, grass, reeds pretty much everything but rock.

After seeing and fishing the property I now share Steve’s vision of what the potential is for this in a year or 2 for some trophies. Even now there are some nice size bass. We caught 41 total with avg size of 14-15 inches. A couple were close to 18 inches and there have been reports of 5 lbers already. There are at least a dozen big feeders out along the bank. John and I were close enough to witness the chaos when one of them suddenly turnned on. It was crazy busting on top of the water in front of the feeder so we had to go check it out. The chaos was over by the time we got there but we threw our crickets ( as Andy Montgomery calls his lures) in front of the feeder and we started catching big handsized blue gills on drop shots. We decided to pull out a little further away from the feeder and caught a couple decent bass probably stalking the bluegill. The big blue are all around the perimeter so if you fly fish with light gear you would probably enjoy fishin here.

Great addition Steve and I cant wait to go back when it cools down. 108 deg heat index and no wind is hard to take for an old fat boy like me but it was worth the trip. We did find some refuge out of the sun around 4 pm in the narrows due to the tall timber casting shadows on the water. 

Aug 28 2021

Dale Stagg

Slot Fish

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Yes, Coldspring is a firstclass fishing lake. My brother caught one just a hair under 6lbs across from the ramp a couple of months back.