Deer Trail Ranch 8/14/21

Aug 16 2021

Greg Zimmerman


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Reservation Number : 29438
Property Name : Deer Trail Ranch
Reservation Date : 08/14/2021 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 20 LMB
Lures Used : Frog, swim jig, senko

I fished Deer Trail Ranch on 8/14/21, from 6:30am to about 1:00pm, when the pending rain and wind caused me to exercise good judgment and exit the water early.  I caught 20 LMB with seven culled and 13 returned.  Of the seven removed, three were about 10 inches and four at about 13 inches, while the 13 returned were fairly consistent in size from 14.5 inches to the largest at 16 inches.  All LMB were very fat and healthy.  I caught two on a frog early, with the majority of the fish caught on a bluegill color swim jig in and near the grass in the zone outside of the lotus pads adjacent to the shore and before the drop-off to deeper water.  The senko was also productive after 11:00am when the bite slowed.  The water temperature was about 87 degrees and visibility at 1 – 1.5 feet.  This is a beautiful and fertile lake that is teeming with life everywhere.