Report on 7/11/21

Jul 25 2021

Blake Doughtie


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Arrived to Dogleg Ranch a lot later in the morning than I’d have liked to since I was just coming from Helotes, but weather conditions that morning seemed to be in my favor and prolonged typical AM fish activity. After getting the V bottom aluminum boat (that’s provided on-site) equipped with my trolling motor and anchor, it was about 8:45 AM. Rainy/misting conditions held for about the next 1.5-2 hrs. Started off fishing with a 6th Sense Vega frog next to the bank in front of the parking area, and the first fish caught was 7.4 lbs, 25 inches. After catching that size of fish right off the start, i kinda figured this was a type of place where big swimbaits and glidebaits could be used effectively, so I threw big (6-10 in) soft plastic swimbaits and glidebaits till about 1PM. Didn’t have any bites, but a few followers. The amount of hydrilla and other submergent vegetation is insane, and i don’t have much experience with fishing that much grass in crystal clear water. So I went to flipping visible cover that’s near the shallow point that’s on the side directly in front of the boat launch and parking area. Caught a couple between 2.5 and 3 lbs on a magnum straight tail worms in junebug. Fished the big baits for the rest of the day, no success. It’s hard to put em down. 

Overall, great fishery, I’m sure there are much larger fish than what I caught. Tons and tons of grass.