Shady Grove delivers

Jul 20 2021

John Jones


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Reservation Number : 29207
Property Name : Shady Grove
Reservation Date : 07/16/2021 All Day - 07/18/2021 AM
Total Fish/Sizes : 26
Lures Used : Frogs, wacky worm, swim senko

My wife and I arrived Friday evening around 7 to the cabin. We stayed Friday night and Saturday night. Cabin was cozy and will definitely stay again. The only thing I would have changed is if the owner would turn on the window unit before arrival. It was extremely hot inside the cabin! We cranked it down and headed to the ponds. This place is awesome for bank fishing and frog fishing!
I was able to fish for about an hour before the sun went down. Man it gets dark out there! I had about 5 blowups on a frog and hooked into one. Weighed about 2 lbs. Headed back to the cabin, eager for the morning! 
Woke before the sun came up, grabbed coffee and headed down to ponds. They immediately started trying to destroy my white pad crashed frog! That continued all morning, even when the sun came up! They didn't care! They were mad at my frog!! And it didn't matter where my cast was, they would hit it out in the middle and hit it right up next to the bank! These are some beautiful, dark fish, too! I took a break and the wife and I headed into Paris for lunch and sightseeing. Very cool little place. Back to the cabin for a nap then back to ponds around 5:30. It was like I never left! First cast threw my frog out and I thought someone dropped a bowling ball in the water!  I set the hook and finally got her in. 4.11 lbs. I thought she was bigger from all the Lilly pads and grass. Beautiful fish! Called it a great day!

Woke Sunday and repeated the same process with not as much success. Probably because I was concentrating on the incoming rain! I didn't want to get stuck out there! I ended up with 6 that morning with a total of 26 for the weekend. I think I'll come back in the fall! 
I did walk right over a moccasin so please wear boots out there! I attached some pics! Great times once again thanks to PWF!