Love the Lake but wasn’t our Day

Jul 18 2021

John Daniels


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Reservation Number : 29138
Property Name : Tara lake
Reservation Date : 07/17/2021 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 7 bass largest 4 lbs
Lures Used : All

Started the morning extra early because of some barking dogs at my house.  Met Brad Wemhoener at the lake and was fishing at first light.  Lake was calm.  Water temperature was 83F with maybe 8 inches visibility.  Fished top water on the north side of the lake first and moved around.  First fish was at 8:17 AM on a chartreuse wacky rig.  All the fish were caught on a marked brush piles except one was caught in the southeast corner near the dam. Brad caught the big fish of the day on the southwest brush pile on a 10 inch brown chartreuse twister tail worm.  We didn't weight it but it was a high 3 or low 4 pounder.  We tried to catch some offshore with various crank baits, square bills and jerk baits.  No takers.  Heat ran us off the lake about noon.  We went to Pond King and discussed a pontoon boat and bought a couple of Alabama rigs.  We went to lunch in Muenster.  After cooling off and a change of clothes we hit the water again.  No fish caught in the afternoon.  We both loved the lake but it just was not our day.  We both pledged to come back next spring and stay in the cabin so we could fish two mornings and an evening.

Jul 18 2021

Brad Wemhoener


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Great report, John. Thanks for the invite. We'll be back. I'll keep practicing.