Half day at Tara

Jul 11 2021

Craig Awtrey


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FIshed with a guest in AM on 7/10. Ended up with 29 total, a mix of crappie and bass.

Largest bass was 5lbs even, with the rest of the bass falling between 3-4lbs. Handful of crappie up to 1.5lbs.

Only lure used was a 1/0 flashy swimmer with colorado blade and a tiny dipper swimbait in pearl blue shad. Only used this on a spinning rod, and with the size and fight on these bass, after a few of them I was pretty tired.

Wind was already up at the start of the day, very managable and pleasant for the time of year and heat. Around 10am the wind picked up and the bite disappeared.

Landowner has moved the boat closer to the water, preventing the need to drag it across the rocky road. This should keep the club boat in good shape.

I did not have much action from the brush pile outside of the no fish zone, most of the bass came from the closest brush marker to the launch.

Great day, super happy to be out on the water.