Lost Creek Ranch

Jul 10 2021

Marshall Hogue


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Laura and I fished from 8am till 2 pm. It rained on us from putting in at 8 till around 11. We had our rain gear and Laura never complained while we fished with her catching one around 2#. She fished all day with my hand poured senko’s. We started catching after rain stopped and finished with about 15 for the day. She caught 4 and I caught the rest. Most were 2# or around that. I couldn’t get a bite for the longest time using everything I had till I pulled out my absolute go to when I can’t get a bite. I have an very old smithwick rogue with blue back and orange belly. I put weighted strips on the belly years ago, probably back in the 80’s and it suspends really good. I caught a fish on first cast then caught 4 more with it. It was cool in the clear water watching the fish come up and hammer it. Caught a real nice one on crankbait and watched him throw it back at me at the boat. Last fish was on Carolina rig which I never ever fish. It was that kind of day, trying things I never normally do to try and catch a fish. Tough day but still fun being on the water and the wife was great in the really crappy conditions.

We also went all the way back in the east creek and came to a tree that had fallen and blocked it. On the other side of the tree inaccessible was a huge open area covered in Lilly pads. Really awesome and very fishy looking. I got right up to the tree and made a couple cast in the area and had a good blowup on a frog.