Slow Day at Tara Lake

Jul 09 2021

John Hufstedler


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Reservation Number : 29092
Property Name : Tara lake
Reservation Date : 07/08/2021 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 29 Bass to 4.75 lbs
Lures Used : Baby Brush Hog, Berkley Power Worms, Flat sided crankbaits

I caught 29 bass and 4 good sized crappie, but based on previous reports I had a slow day at Tara Lake.

I got to the property about 5:40 and drove to the lake.  I had read previous reports that mentioned the small creek/ditch you drvie through right before you get to the lake so I was aware it was coming.  Even being forewarned, seeing it in the dark made me stop and get out of the truck to scout it out before I crossed. It’s really not bad, but darkness made me extra cautious.

I waited for first light to get on the lake and fished around the shallow end of the lake with a chatterbait and got no takers even on the brush piles up at that end of the lake. I switched to a Baby Brush Hog (watermelon/red flake) and caught a couple of decent fish along the bank opposite the ramp as I got closer to the dam. Brush piles were the best.  I had limited success untill I got to the brush pile out from the “No Fish” area.  It turned out to be the best spot I fished all day. My first cast onto this brush pile caught the big fish of the day at 4.75 lbs.  It came on the baby brush hog. After catching a couple more on this brush pile the bite slowed so I fished back across the dam hitting the brush piles and caught random fish doing this, but nothing like the action on that brush pile by the no fish zone. My Baby Brush Hog quit catching fish so I went to a white (and later on a Silver) flat sided crankbait. I went back that brush pile and caught another 2-3 fish.  I repeated this same sequence several times. The area north of this brush pile is pretty shallow, but it slopes to about 6-7 feet deep south of the pile.  That might be the reason I had more success around it.

There was absolutely no wind for the first 2-3 hours of fishing and then it began to pick up.  Nothing bad, but somewhat less hot (not cool, just less hot).  When I remembered to check water surface temperature it was around 85. All in all I had a great time. There is some weedy stuff in areas in the shallow end of the lake, but for this time of year the lake is very open.  None of the brush piles were covered up with grass stuff.

Jul 09 2021

Joshua Massoud

Slot Fish

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Kind of how like I felt at Deer Trail – I was catching fish/having fun etc and I found a pattern, but I wasn’t crushing it like the other reports. 

Jul 11 2021

Steve Alexander


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I think we have been successful when 33 fish is a slow day for one person in a day of fishing. This is one on the reasons PWF exists! Love it!