Six-O - Still my favorite

Jun 16 2021

John Jordan


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Reservation Number : 28861
Property Name : Six O Ranch
Reservation Date : 06/15/2021 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 80 bass, 10 returned , largest 4lb, 70 removed
Lures Used : wacky worm, pop R

The day did not start well. As I was pulling the boat out of the garage I noticed it was hard to move, flat tire will usually cause that. So after an hour of adding green slime to both the spare snf the one on the boat I managed to get it to hold air. So with my fingers crossed, off I went. It made it to the lake and started fishing around 8:30. Blue bird skys and no wind, not a good combination. The lake is as full as I have seen it and the grass is about a foot below the surface. So what the heck, lets try the old pop-r . Those little bass started to hit and was I surprised. Caught them on the pop-r on and off most of the day. The main bait was the wacky worm. Nothing over 4lbs and the coyotes were feed good with over 30 hitting the bank and 40-45 headed for the deep fryer. Fished to about 5 o’clock and as I was leaving I noticed the tire was half flat again. So I limped up to Ted’s house and thank God he was home moving the yard. He put a new valve stem in the tire and I was able to make it home. What a great guy.