Summertime at 6-0

Jun 15 2021

Alan Stein


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Reservation Number : 28871
Property Name : Six O Ranch
Reservation Date : 06/14/2021 AM -
Total Fish/Sizes : 19…9inches to 3lbs
Lures Used : topwater/swim jig

I arrived at the lake at 545 and was fishing by 0600. First time ever that the wind was not nuking when I was there. As a bonus it stayed overcast until about 0930. Started with a clear topwater popper that attracted a lot of blowups but not a lot of hook ups. The ones that did take it accounted for the bulk of the harvested fish. Switched over to a white 3/8 oz swim jig and that  along with a perch colored swim jig later in the morning accounted  for the better fish. I did lose a 5lber on a 5in spark shad. Did not get a good hookset and when she jumped the bait came flying out.

It was a great day, lake is really full and really clear, with all types of aquatic life that is visible in the clear water. All in all another great PWF fishing experience.