Tough day at Northeast

Jun 11 2021

John Herrington


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Reservation Number : 28844
Property Name : Northeast Lake
Reservation Date : 06/11/2021 All Day - 06/11/2021 All Day
Total Fish/Sizes : 0
Lures Used : Top water, Frogs, soft plastics, crankbait, jig

This was my 10 year old son’s first experience at a PWF property. We got an early start and were on the water by 7AM. We made a beeline for the reeds directly across the lake from the boat launch (as so many others have said that’s the honey hole). Unfortunately, the weeds got the best of our trolling motor and it gave up the ghost. After we paddled back to the boat launch we fished from the shore by walking along the dam. We had maybe a nibble or two but nothing serious.  Unfortunately, we couldn’t get to the same spot (on foot) where most folks have had luck. Once Academy opened up in Tyler we picked up a replacement trolling motor and tried round 2. 

We tried frogs, soft plastics, top water, jigs and crankbaits. The crankbait had the only true bite and as we were reeling it in it the LMB jumped out of the water and spat out the lure. Obviously the hook wasn’t set very well, but I was impressed with the fight. This came near the hottest part of the day, and with my son not seeing any bites his interest waned. 

We called it around 1:00 mostly because of the heat. If we hadn’t had the trolling motor problems I’m convinced we would’ve figured ‘em out! 

All in all, a bad day of fishing beats any day in the office.