Camp Creek Muddy

Jun 07 2021

Corky Cummings


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Reservation Number : 28752
Property Name : Camp Creek
Reservation Date : 06/06/2021 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 12 bass total, largest about 4 lbs
Lures Used : chatterbait (white/Char), Tx Rig (dark, firetail)

I made my first trip to Camp Creek near St Jo, Tx.  The fishing was fairly slow, but the weather and scenery was perfect early in the am.  I fished from 7 am til about 1 pm. Caught maybe 2-3 over 2 lbs and the one 4 lb, and the rest were pretty small.  Most were caught on the southside of the pond in 3-5 feet of water on chatterbail or dark Tx rig worm with firetail.

A rainstorm dropped about 1.5” overnight according to landowner and the low water crossing was running pretty good.  Water was muddy and the action was just so so.  This was my first trip with my new (to me) autopilot kayak and it was a big step up for me as far as comfort and holding the boat staeady in the wind. 

I’ll be hauling that thing all over Texas in the next couple of years!.