Bring the Rain!

Jun 05 2021

Joshua Massoud


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Reservation Number : 28762
Property Name : Nix Ranch: Lake TCU
Reservation Date : 06/05/2021 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 53
Lures Used : PopR/Buzzbait/Fluke

Nothing I love more than a steady rain in late spring or summer. My friend Zach (beginner fisherman) and I fished TCU in the morning and the bite was exceptional. 

  1. Water was clear for the most part except some a slight mudline near the banks on the front half of the lake.  I didn’t bring electronics this time but water felt around 72 or so.  Fished from 6:30-11:30. 
  2. We banked fish for about ¾ of the time we fished as the bass were between the insde weedline and the bank for the most part. I hopped in the boat and cleaned up near the islands.  I caught them on every part of the lake, but any point/island where the wind pushed in you could find more then one or two. 
  3. Used a PopR and a Buzzbait during the rain – I gave Zach pearl/bone colored PopR I had and I used a bluegill color.  I caught the 3-4’s on the bluegill pattern. 
  4. Was able to get the buzzbait working despite the weeds fouling it from time to time.  The advantage to the PopR is you can jerk it hard and get most of the weeds off and save the cast. 
  5. That said, there are plenty of alleys between the weed lines where I could have used a plopper or a spook, but there was no need to switch it up. 
  6. Most fish were between 2-4 lbs. as previous reports had suggested.  Not monsters but very fun fish. Used 20lb powerpro flouro b/c they would try and bury into the weeds. 
  7. Saw several fish jump a few inches clear of the water chasing bait fish throughout the morning.  Bass were chasing bait fish deep into the islands (partially sumberged because of the rain). 
  8. Caught a few big bluegill as well. 
  9. When the rain stopped and the sun came out, the bass went into the weeds and stopped roaming as much – weightless tennessee shad color fluke did the trick from there on out, though Zach was still able to get a few on the PopR. 
  10. Once I hit 35, I decided I was tired, hungry, and couldn’t hold off on using the facilities much longer, so I packed up and went home (after fishing all day yesterday). Not sure how the pro guys do it every day.  My back hurts, my hands hurt and were raw from lipping bass (pruned hands from the rain didn’t help). 
  11. Owner said he just put in a bunch of shad and tilapia.  When the feeder went off, despite it being empty, the blue gill raced out from the dock to try and feed as soon as the sound went off. 
  12. No pictures unfortunately – had to keep my phone in the drylock.