Dogleg 5/29/2021

May 31 2021

Jason Owens


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Reservation Number : 28238
Property Name : Dogleg Ranch
Reservation Date : 05/29/2021 All Day - 05/29/2021 All Day
Total Fish/Sizes : 25 fish up to 2.5 lbs
Lures Used : Swimbait/underspin, Texas rig speed worm, wacky rigged senko

My son and I fished Dogleg on Saturday 5/29 from about 9:30 am til a little after 4pm.  We couldn't get on the water as early as I would have liked because of storms that didn't clear up until around 9.  It was our first trip out there so I'm not sure what the water clarity normally is or if the heavy rains had any affect on it but it appeared to be about 18”.  Fishing wasn't bad.  We caught about 25 small ones throughout the day.  Best bait for me was 3.75” swimbait with underspin hook and running it just above the submerged grass.  We also caught some on Texas rigged speed worm swimming it in and around shallow grass.  Some of the fish we caught were in just a few inches of water.  We could have caught probably twice as much but we were just catching small ones that way, so we abandoned it and went looking for bigger fish in deeper water.  The big bite just didn't happen this time.  All in all it was still a fun trip on a beautiful property.  We were able to see plenty of deer, turkey and other wildlife on the drive in.