Shoulda worn pants at TCU

May 31 2021

Brad Wemhoener


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Reservation Number : 28479
Property Name : Nix Ranch: Lake TCU
Reservation Date : 05/30/2021 All Day - 05/30/2021 All Day
Total Fish/Sizes : 58 LMB 2-5 lbs, 4 under 14", 1 Bluegill
Lures Used : Frog, Jig with trailer, fluke, wacky rig

Action was hot, weather was not. Blustery morning, too cold for shorts. Fishing partner John Danish and I need better weather apps. 

Caught fish early on frogs near the big island and the grass lines away from the shore. 

Switched to wacky rig (green/white) and firetiger fluke (orange/green) when topwater died off and caught steady fish everywhere except the small island and the shore opposite the dam (water there was very murky from runoff). 

Decided to throw a jig (brown/orange with red or orange craw trailer) at the dock and caught about 15 fish over the day revisiting that idea. 

Most of the steady action came from the shore where the deer statues are around the dam to the overflow cove in the space between the grass line and the shore. 

Picked up a couple with TR worm, lipless crank during the day, but the wacky, fluke, and jig were the big winners. 

Great day with hungry fish that fought above their weight class. 

AND the weather improved in the afternoon, so exited warm and happy to have a place like this to fish. 

May 31 2021

John Daniels


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Other than feeling like I was freezing in the morning, it was a great day.  Multiple 4 pounders.  We also had a bass that thought he was a killer whale breached the surface to bite a topwater ribbet.