Warm beautiful day

May 27 2021

Haley Mathews


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Reservation Number : 28471
Property Name : Heartbrand Ranch
Reservation Date : 05/26/2021 PM - 05/26/2021 PM
Total Fish/Sizes : 55 up to 3 lbs
Lures Used : worms, spinner baits, swim baits

Started slow but found a pattern about an hour into the trip. All fish were clinging to the shore. Lake was up over the banks from the recent rains. Loads of bait on almost the entire lake as well. We would throw our worms on the bank and quietly drag them back n to the drop off let it sit and the bass would pick it up and run. Very few were caught near the boat or even 10’ from the bank. Most inside of 5’. Best bite was near the house shore and the shore opposite side of the house. All dark colored lures. Water was a little off color. And finally what a beautiful property. If you live close to this place and haven't tried it yet you def need to. While no big fish were caught most were n the 2 to 2.5 pound range. We had a ton of fun and will def b back.