Late Saturday Morning on Masagana

May 15 2021

Joshua Massoud

Slot Fish

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Reservation Number : 28552
Property Name : Masagana Farms
Reservation Date : 05/15/2021 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 14
Lures Used : Wacky Rigged Senko/Spook

With rain on the horizon that will probably kill my fishing plans tomorrow, I did a last minute booking to Masagna Farms, here is my report:

  1. My daughter was supposed to join me, but apparently competition dance is more important than fishing, and she has to go to practice on Saturdays.  Fished from 9:30am-2:15pm.  This lake catches a fair emoung of wind. 
  2. Not sure what’s up with the gate, but it has a lock and all but the pin just slides through regardless and you can open it up without unlocking.. 
  3. This lake fishes like Flying J – Eelgrass throughout, intermittent, marked brushpiles, clear water.  Spawning coves are easy to identify, and given the time of year, you can pattern the fish accordingly. 
  4. I had some success with a spook and pop-r early, but that bite died off quicker than I expected. 
  5. Targeted the deeper weedlines (20+feet from the bank) in the SE and SW corners after having little luck near the pier and the little bridge inlets. 
  6. It was sunny and the bass were in the deepest spot they could be while being near food.
  7. Googan 5” stick/senko rigged wacky – greenpumpkin with blue flake (redflake worked better, but I ran out) – count to 3-4 as it drops, three light twitches above the eelgrass and you either caught one or reeled in – didn’t waste much time working it back to the boat. 
  8. Made longer casts b/c of the clarity.  You could tell when the bass would see the boat/distance when reeling them in. Move any closer than 30 feet or so, and they would spook. 
  9. Didn’t catch anything great sizewize but didn’t really work any bigger presentations – I was going to throw a bigger Senko, but I pulled my back when loading the trolling motor in to the boat and it finally got too uncomfortable. 
  10. If i had my other rod with braid, ripping a red rattletrap would have worked well imo. 

I spoke with Lina(?) the owner.  She says she can’t catch the fish there.  Someone please relay to her to cast near the brushpiles/weedline with a weightless senko, work a top water early, and she should be good.  They used to live elsewhere and moved back during COVID and are retiring – they said that trespassers destroyed the property – gazebo, burned the old pier down, and she think they poached the bigger fish.  I think if they invested in some light forage, restocked some bluegill, the bass should grow back pretty quick but not sure if they want to spend the money based on our convo.