Cool days for fishing Waco Creek in May!

May 13 2021

Alan Robbins


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Reservation Number : 28160
Property Name : Waco Creek Ranch
Reservation Date : 05/11/2021 All Day - 05/12/2021 AM
Total Fish/Sizes : 45
Lures Used : green pumpkin lizards with chartreuse tail

 I was able to get back to Waco Creek after a long hiatus and the new cabin is excellent!  My friend and I hadn’t checked the weather forecast so it was bit shocking to see 60’s as we drove out from Austin.  The lake level is low of course so the hydrilla is something you will have to work with.  There is a channel on the left side as you go to the back that is deeper with little vegetation and a few fish when you’re tired of fishing the hydrilla.  We had a front blow through around noon Tuesday with plenty of thunderstorms so we ate lunch and headed back out at 4pm.  We caught most fish on green pumpkin 8” lizards dipped in chartreuse and “slow rollin’” them over the pockets within the hydrilla.  We caught a few on rapala shad raps and rattletraps in the deeper water to the right of the launch.  Most of the fish were in the 2-3.5 lb range with 1 four and two fives.  We both lost one each that would have been 5+!   The addition of the covered area and chair are a great addition in the heat of the summer which is what I was expecting so the cool weather was a pleasant change.  The bite was best before the front of course and pretty slow Wednesday morning but still worth the trip!