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May 05 2021

Jon Lewis


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We arrived around 2PM and fished a few hours. 

We caught a total of nine fish, one under 16” and the rest were healthy seventeen inchers with one going 19”.

All fish came on topwaters, we fished the Strike King RAGE TAIL as a snake…CUT-R-WORM RED BUG 7”, rigged on a offset weightless worm hook. Easy to throw and that rage-tail talks the fish language…”calls ‘em up”.I don’t think color matters…I like dark. 

My wife had a blowup on a Whopper Plopper. 

A little too grassy for me…need some grass eating carp. Hollar if anyone needs a partner…I’ll go about anywhere. I mainly throw soft baits…weightless lizards, senkos, and such.