Hat and Star

May 04 2021

John Hufstedler


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Reservation Number : 28071
Property Name : Hat and Star Ranch
Reservation Date : 05/03/2021 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 7, 4 culls, 3 to 18"
Lures Used : White spinner bait, chartreuse chatter bait, crawdad creature baits

Got to the lake at 8:00 AM and started up the bank toward the west from the ramp.  Water temp was in the low 70’s. Got absolutely no interest in the whopper plopper. switched to the chatter bait up in the west end of the lake and started catching a few over the course of a couple of hours. About 9:30 the wind picked up from around 10-12 mph to a top speed (according to my wind app) of 15-17 mph with gusts to 24mph.  After the wind picked up I spent a lot of tme fightng the wind which did not help my fishing.

I tried to stay in protected areas as much as possible and ended up catching 3 to 18-½ inches that I returned and culled 4 below the 16 inch requirement.

I love Hat and Star. It is sometimes hard to catch a lot of fish, but it has tons of structure and is a beautiful property.  It is always well maintained and is very accessable. Even with lots of rain this past weekend the road to the lake and the ramp area were in great shape. That sandy soil soaks up the rain pretty well.

I saw several crawdad holes around the ramp area and tried my crawdad imitations and creature baits, but didn’t have any luck with them.