Masagana 1st Visit

Apr 27 2021

Jeffrey Robles


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Reservation Number : 27921
Property Name : Masagana Farms
Reservation Date : 04/27/2021 PM -
Total Fish/Sizes : 12 Bass, most around a 1 1/2lb. Largest 3lbs.
Lures Used : Poppers and Trick Worms

Fished here for 3 ½ hours this afrernon and brought a co-worked as a guest.  The wind was blowing pretty strong and that made the fishing tough as far as casting and covering water properly.  Lake seemed to be in great shape though.  A lot of grass along the shoreline and most of our bites were right on the edge of the grass in a little deeper water.  Pretty little lake for sure.  The land owner came out and said hi to us and pointed out some places he thought we should try and we caught fish every where he directed us.  Then the wind really came up and it started to rain so we cut our time short.  I would defintiely come back.