Full Moon, Cold Front, 10-15 MPH winds, Full sun..makes for challenging day

Apr 26 2021

John Little


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Reservation Number : 27409
Property Name : Waco Creek Ranch
Reservation Date : 04/24/2021 All Day - 04/25/2021 AM
Total Fish/Sizes : 35, up to 4.85, 12-15 in 2.5 to 4.5
Lures Used : Zara Spook, Rage Tail worms, Ribbitt Frogs, Weightless Senkos

Despite the conditions mentioned above with the lake 4 ft low and the two arms being too shallow to fish...carp had muddied them up...still a good time. Never could get the crappie to turn on...did catch one huge one...we still managed a good outing. Only two of us fished the half day. What worked...most were caught close to the bank….from 3 ft in...just kept going around the shoreline and pounded spooks in areas that we could get out of the wind...blowing out of the north on saturday and the south on Sunday morning. In the windy strecthes, we used worms and senkos...but tough to feel a bite.Weeds not too big of an issue...just limited lure choices..big areas had weeds just under the surface. This lake is kinda psychotic...I’ve been there about 8 times and the conditions have been different every time. Still a great place of solitude. The new double wide is fantastic. Will see what the lake is like next time.

Apr 27 2021

Joshua Massoud


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This is definitely on my list, just need to make the time to get down there.  Thank you for the report.