Fine Day at a Beautiful Property 4-22-21

Apr 23 2021

Bob Scheidemann

Slot Fish

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Reservation Number : 28083
Property Name : Heartbrand Ranch
Reservation Date : 04/22/2021 All Day - 04/22/2021 All Day
Total Fish/Sizes : 53 bass 11" - 18.25", 2 catfish (biggest about 10lb)
Lures Used : shallow crank, wakebait, underspin, trig tubes, Zcraws

Fellow member John Shepard and I arrived at 7ish to fish this new property using the onsite jon boat*, for the first time! John pretty much set the pace for the day catching 38 bass (biggest 18.25”) and both of the catfish (the latter were caught on a trig tube) before we departed at 7PM. His top lures were the shallow crank, wakebait and underspin.

I, on the other hand, grinded through the day catching 13 bass (biggest 17”). Most of my success was with a zcraw rigged on a weedless swimbait hook, and rigging a paddletail or fluke on an underspin. Tried throwing the shallow crank but unlike John, only landed a couple.

During the day were were entertained by the large flock of pelicans that were on the lake in the morning, the herd of cattle roaming the property (the big bull was pretty vocal in his call to the herd) all day and the clamor provided from time to time by the Canadian Geese on the bank by the ranch entrance.

We stopped for a 1hour lunch break and drove into Waelder and dined on some pretty good BBQ at the Crossvine Market. Their pit room reminded me of City Market BBQ in Luling.

Yet another quality day of fishing courtsey of PWF!


*The jon boat is nice and roomy and the weedless wedge prop on my minn kota worked like a charm (I would refer to the recent forum post 4/21/21 by Marshall Hogue for a accurate description of the lake condition)