Apr 21 2021

Marshall Hogue


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Reservation Number : 28107
Property Name : Heartbrand Ranch
Reservation Date : 04/20/2021 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 50+
Lures Used : Everything

Tyler and I fished Tuesday 4/20 from 7:30 till 3:00. It was bright and sunny all day with some wind. Started slow with very few top water bites. If the bait was not moving at all times then it would come back full of snot grass. It is everywhere. Even when we caught fish the lure and fish was covered in the stuff. Very difficult to fish. We spent the morning catching a few here and there and when sun got higher in sky we were able to see the mats better and the openings in the them. Tyler started throwing wacky rig and stared hooking up. I was throwing a small profile spinnerbaits in 1\8 oz size but weighed 3/8 in weight. This allowed me to burn the bait over the grass and started catching some then. Senko picked up fish on the grass edges. We tried everything till we found the right baits.

It was a good day that stared slow and better in afternoon and we left them biting. Lots of hawks flying over head all day.

The grass has has completely covered both creeks and most of the shallows. Maybe half lake still fishable but in a couple months it might be very difficult to fish. I spent lots of time unclogging the trolling motor, sometimes it would just stop with so much grass in prop. A side note on the cows, they are very cool and really liked hanging by truck. We had the tailgate down and they managed to pull a rod out of the bed and it was trampled when we got back to truck. Will always close it in the future.