A good mess of culls, wind drove us off mid afternoon

Apr 07 2021

Tom Jones


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Reservation Number : 27809
Property Name : Cody Ranch Peach Creek and Crabgrass Lakes
Reservation Date : 04/03/2021 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : Lots of 13’s to 13-1/2’s, several up to 3 lbs, nothing close to 4 lbs or better
Lures Used : Senko in the green pumpkin seed color was boss! Several on red craw rattletrap... Lots of wind so we would set up drifts across main lake tree lines then run upwind and repeat. Found lots of empty beds on the northeast shore/shallow cove...found three nice 3 lb fish still there... used a white paddle tail shiner on a chatter bait head in that shallow water