Great Day at Triple J

Apr 05 2021

Ben Steed


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Reservation Number : 27855
Property Name : Triple J Ranch
Reservation Date : 04/03/2021 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 12 (all 3-5lbs)
Lures Used : Whacky, Chatter, Senko, Sq Bill, Bandito Bug

We arrived around 9:30 am (this lake is 25 mins door to door for us) and fished the bank for a while with senkos, chatterbaits, etc. and didn’t have any luck.  Tried this for about 30 mins and the wind was really getting to us.  Very hard to fish the bottom with the wind from the side as high as it was, so we got in the boat headed around to the north end of the lake where it was very shallow (18-24” deep in most places) and somewhat blocked the wind a little bit. 

It was so windy we almost gave up after an hour our so on the water, but then my son hooked onto a very nice bass weighing just under 5 lbs (see pic below) and so we stayed for a while…

We tried throwing a little of everything, but the Googen Baits Bandito Bug (green pumpkin with a silver/blue back, see pic below) caught all 12 of our fish.  The bite was very lazy...meaning we tried a lot of different actions but the only thing that worked was throwing it out, let it set for 15 seconds or so, then twitch it pretty hard and let is set again.  Very slow retrieve with likely a reaction bite was what was working on these bass. 

All 12 LMB were between 3-5 pounds, very shallow, and had a hard time telling the size of the fish until we got it closer to the boat when they started actually fighting.  Very weird catching this day, but I will say these are the prettiest LMB I have ever seen.  The pics don’t do it near justice, but they are almost an irridecent or translucent color.  Absolutely beautiful!

Club boat has a leak in it.  Not too bad, but we did have to go into shore one time to scoop water that was collecting at the back of the boat and making it too slippery to stand in.  Seems like a good lake, very close, very easy to get to (1 mile off I-45) and will definitely be back!

Tight lines Anglers.

Apr 06 2021

Dale Pybus

Slot Fish

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