Great day at Lost Creek Ranch

Mar 30 2021

Marshall Hogue


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My son Tyler and I fished Sunday the 28th from 8 am till 3:45. Rain on way to lake and gusting winds when we got there.

Easy drive in on good road to launch site. Rained off and on all day and winds were brutal all day. This did not hurt the fishing at all.

Started heading back to east arm and catching fish immediately.

Tyler is a huge Googan fan, that’s all he will fish and started throwing a chatterbait and in the first hour he had caught 35 fish to my 5. I throw old school spinnerbaits I make myself and had lots of hits and misses. He also fished googan plastics and I fished my own hand poured plastics.

We had over 50 fish by 10 am. Went back to end of the east side and basically were catching fish every cast or only a couple cast before another fish. These were all 2 1/3 to 3# fish. Faught like much bigger fish. Coming back out of east to head to west arm we still were catching fish steady. Went into west arm and wind was really bad and pushing the boat.

We really got into to bigger fish back there. I caught a 5.14# on my own Senko and he caught a 6.8#. Caught lots back there and on the way back out.

For the day we were right at 200 fish caught. He caught way more than I did, I was keeping boat in position most of day.

Big fish – 6.8#, 6.4# both by Tyler. He also had a 4.15# and 4.2# as his big fish. I had the 5.14# and a 4.8#. These fish were spawned out, belly’s were big but empty.

Also had 30 fish in the 3# + range. Threw back only around 20 fish that would have been culled elsewhere. Caught over 30 bream/bluegills that we’re huge and attacking our plastics. Missed at least 20 throwing baits at boat. Every fish came out of water jumping. Had plenty double hookups and many back to back fish.

It was really neat when we would get a hookup and when fish got close to boat other fish would be fighting for the bait. Was able to drop another bait in water by the fighting fish and hook another one. 

It was a day to remember and really enjoyed being able to share this with Tyler.

Mar 30 2021

Stephen Ford


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That is an awesome day.  Congrats!  That will be a day you both remember for many years to come.

Apr 17 2021

Scott Quigley


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Congrats on the great day Marshall…and very nice to meet you and Tyler Thursday at the Houston Fishing Show!