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Mar 22 2021

Robert Lundin


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We fished on Sunday and the wind was howling.  Started out on Goose lake and caught 5 all nice 2 to 3 pounders. Decided to move over to Comache and see what it looked like and throw a few.  New Jon boat at Comache but we didn't use it. Caught 5 at Comache and headed back to Arrowhead.  We loaded up the old skow. A Couple of things about the boat. Bring rubber boots to help launch as the lake is down and launch area shallow. Plus bring a red cup for bailing. Not a major leak but does accumulate in the stern. Caught I think between 5 to 8 nice fish. Also if you have a tree grapper would be helpful instead of an anchor. The wind beat us up most the day and we had an early ending.  Thank God my partner knew the difference between U.S. 67 and FM 67. We took the Chisholm trail toll road to 171 into Covington. I guess going to Six O for 20 years 67 meant Cleburne.  Anyways it was an hour drive from Grapevine to the gate.  Most fish were caught on spinnerbaits, a couple on top water and a couple on flukes. Great property an easy fishing for anyone wanting to walk around the ponds. Did not see any beds and females were still loaded and not ripe. Plus everything was caught in the deeper water away from the shoreline.  Great property, Jason met the owner who was out mowing over at Comache.