The Wind won the day

Mar 11 2021

Ron Wood


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Reservation Number : 27045
Property Name : Nix Ranch: Lake TCU
Reservation Date : 03/10/2021 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 7 bass up to 3.5 lb
Lures Used : We tried a lot of different lure and presentations.

Fished TCU on Wednesday, we knew that we ran the risk of battling high winds and boy did it howl. Substained winds from 25+mph with gusts over 30 mph. The wind had whipped the lake into a frenzy with whitecaps and 1foot swells. There was no way we were going to launch my small boat. We started at the pier fishing the ditch that runs along the bank. I caught a 3.5lb with a sq bill crank bait reeled slow in the ditch. We ground out 7 fish over 8 hours. Dub and Carol drove by, to say “hi”. Dub has had back surgery and both hip replacements in the last several months. He’s looking good just not able to ride on his 4-wheeler. He gave me permission to drive to the south end and fish the old pier. My partner caught 1 fish and I got broke off in the brush next to the pier, it felt like a good fish but with the wind, waves and frustrations it could have been a

There was no relief from the wind it blew constantly all day. With the lake being closed for 3 months and just reopened March 1, we had to try. All the presentations were slow, slow even for the crank baits we barely reeled them just to keep them moving. Water clarity is about a foot, weeds out deeper and the dreaded slime (snot) moss closer in. I did not see any beds and the fish had beginnings of a belly but not close, 2 weeks with some sunshine and light winds will turn this place around. Lots of Canadian Geese to talk to you as you fish. Ohh, Dub did say he has an otter in the lake and was getting it trapped and removed.

Stay safe on the water and wear your life jackets. Tight lines my friends, Ron