Good day at Dogleg

Mar 03 2021

Mark Wheelock


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Reservation Number : 27194
Property Name : Dogleg Ranch
Reservation Date : 02/27/2021 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 24 under 14"
Lures Used : Green beetle spins

The boys and I had a great morning at Dogleg on Saturday.  The fish were biting well and it was a beautiful morning; very foggy and still.  Like last time, the fish particularly liked a chartreuse glitter zoom grub that we were running on a beetlespin setup.  For the first hour, it was fast and furious, and the wind changed directions and the bite stopped.   We ended up catching a few more over the course of the day, but once the morning bite was over, it was slim pickings.  The lake was aquarium clear and is so much fun to fish.