High winds makes for tough trip

Feb 08 2021

John Little


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Reservation Number : 27107
Property Name : Lee Lake
Reservation Date : 02/06/2021 PM -
Total Fish/Sizes : 12....12-17 inch range
Lures Used : swim baits, weightless worms

Missed the winds on the forecast. Must have been 30-35mph. Gave it a try anyway. First time to this lake...scouting mission. Had to stay in the shallows on the north bank. Tied off to the trees or fish from bank and cast with the wind. IT WAS ROUGH. In spite of these conditions, still managed 12 bass. I fished from 1-5;30 and the wind finally won out and got off before dark….loading the boat was a challenge. I really like this lake. appears to be loaded with fish. Lake is about 2-3 ft low but pretty clear. Has a large area of 2-5 ft depth and schattered weed beds/flats….if lake drops another foot or two those will go away, but if goes up a ft or two then it could be awesome. Could not fish deep water or along the dam because to winds. Hope to get back on a calmer day.