Great Day at Heartbrand - 1st Visit

Feb 03 2021

Terry Adamson


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Reservation Number : 27047
Property Name : Heartbrand Ranch
Reservation Date : 02/02/2021 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 15/2 lb. to 4.5 lb.
Lures Used : Soft Plastics

Arrived on site to this wonderful property around 10:30am with fellow member Ralph DeLeonardis.  We had good temps in the middle 60’s and clear blue skies with only a slight breeze.  The lake was clear with some areas of low bottom vegetation so we either used drop shot or kept lure retrieval above it.  We landed a total of fifteen bass with thirteen between 2lb to 4.5 lb, culling two.  Most catches of the day were from the dock or on the eastern bank of the lake.  The bite was earlier in the day then tapered down as we went into the afternoon.  Ralph caught the most bass and landed the biggest of the day at 4.5 lb. on a (bubble gum & red/soft plastic worm).