Pruitt Bro's with a BIG Day at Heartbrand

Feb 01 2021

Wayne Pruitt


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Reservation Number : 27025
Property Name : Heartbrand Ranch
Reservation Date : 01/29/2021 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 116
Lures Used : Z Craw and Paddle Tail Swim Bait

116 Bass – Heartbrand – Waelder Texas (See Pics)

It had been quite some time since our last PWF outing so we decided to give a new lake a try and do some January fishing. With a recent front and a full moon we did not expect what we got. Figured it would be good based on other post we had read though. Wow, what a day on this lake, a very pleasant surprise.

I am so confident in a soft plastic bite most all year round. With that being said I brought one (1) box of soft plastics (see attached photo) and nothing else. 6 rods already set up with baits tied on according to my game plan. Somewhat of a minimalist on this outing – no cranks, no spinners, no chatter baits, no top waters, well you get the picture. I was determined to make this box of rubber work and it did.

Phil and I had his 16 foot tracker in the water so fast it would make your head spin. Within arriving at day light we were fishing 10 minutes later. We caught/landed well over 40 fish in the 2 to 3 pound range within the first hour. Could have been better but I was determined to get a reel tuned that was giving me trouble so I wasted 15 minutes trying to get that reel adjusted and casting properly rather than picking up another rod and reel. The problem was that one reel had the bait I wanted to use that was going to be ticket. A Texas rigged (small bullet weight) paddle tail zoom bait (see photo) hooked weed less with a number 4 wide gap hook. All day I threw that bait or a candy corn (stiko - we call it a cheeto) bait weed less which was equally as successful. These are some fighting dudes in the 2 to 3 pound range. We culled about 35 less than 12 inches. Phil fished a z craw weightless all day. Pretty much 1 rod/reel and that one style bait. If he was trapped on a desert island that is the only baits he wants. I don’t know why he brings a house trailer full of all kinds of baits because he ends up throwing a z craw 99% of the time anyway. LOL! Well we quit at 4 PM knowing we had a 2 ½ hour trek back to the east side of Houston. We left them biting. 95% of all fish caught were on the east bank chasing shad balls and telling off on themselves. Aggressive they were chasing bait fish. Only 5% were scattered over the entire lake. The fish are gorging themselves in prep for the spawn. It is like they are conditioning themselves for what they know is about to come in the next month and a half to two months depending on the water temps. It was an awesome day to be on a PWF lake property. This lake is on a cattle ranch and the ranch hands were some of the hardest working bunch we have seen. Those guys hauled tons of hay and work the ranch in warp speed. You don’t see that every day. We did take a few minutes to grill some burgers on the nomad grill. A Christmas gift from me to me………this James Bond looking suitcase (see attached photo) is the best thing ever if you’re a gadget guy with an appetite. With all of the fish bite we even had a rare celebratory cigar after the burgers.

About the lake – most all of the lake perimeters are 2 ½ deep with vegetation visible on the bottom. Summer time will probably limit the amount open water. Unless they fertilize the lake the shallow areas will have vegetation on top of the water.  Still plenty of water to fish though. You have to fish shallow with your bait to keep the slime off. Weed less no weight or very shallow diving square bills will work. The deep areas appear to be around 7 to 8 foot deep.

Really appreciate PWF bringing on all the new lakes. Watching the website blow up with new lakes makes a member excited to be a member. It is a great feeling enjoying a lake with no other boats and anglers on it. Public lakes are great don’t get me wrong but there is something special about looking around to see no one else on the water and enjoying the solitude. Not to mention the fish numbers due to less pressure.

Look forward to more lakes, catching fish and more post in 2021.

Tight lines to all……………

The Pruitt Brothers

Feb 01 2021

Scott Quigley


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Awesome report and a great day of fishing!  Thanks for the tip on the suitcase grill, looks like a great tool for a quick lunch by the water.  As always, we really appreciate your thorough reports and your support of PWF.  Scott

Feb 07 2021

David May

Slot Fish

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Originaly Posted By Scott Quigley

Awesome report and a great day of fishing!  Thanks for the tip on the suitcase grill, looks like a great tool for a quick lunch by the water.  As always, we really appreciate your thorough reports and your support of PWF.  Scott

I think you guys caught more fish in one day than I catch all year!

What a great day.

Stay safe,