Nice lake, fun winter fishing

Jan 10 2021

Dennis Dabney


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Reservation Number : 26895
Property Name : Angel Lake
Reservation Date : 01/09/2021 AM -
Total Fish/Sizes : 3 bass, 2 over slot and 1 slot
Lures Used : Silver buddy bladed jig, jerkbait, skirted jig

I wet launched by PA 12 kayak from the trailer easily.  I arrived at sunrise with 30 degree air temps and no wind.  Second cast in open water pulled the first overslot bass on jig and trailer.  I tried cranks, Texas senko and other plastics but they didn't produce.  I drifted a silver buddy blade bait and caught another overslot and the final on a jerkbait along the bank.  I plan to go back and work on my technique.  Not bad for half-day.