Day Of The Dinks

Dec 27 2020

Scott Wheeler


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Reservation Number : 26775
Property Name : Boren Lake
Reservation Date : 12/26/2020 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 38 2x2LB 2X1LB
Lures Used : Lizards, U Tail Worms, Chatter Dink Invasionbait

Fished With PWF Members
John Freeman & Steve Scanlon.
Temp Morning Upper 30's Afternoon Low 60's
Winds 10 To 20+
Water Temp 44 to 47
Water Clear...

Caught 38+ Fish Between the 3 of us, however only about 10 fish over  the 14inch  limit
The Dinks were hitting on and off all day and we ended up removing 28+ of them.
still we had a great time and when your able to get out and fish in December
That's A good thing..
Met up with the property owner Gary, and as usual he is very friendly and helpful..
We'll be back again..

Stay Fishing My Friends..

Dec 27 2020

John Freeman


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The owner Gay said he has never seen this water this clear. The grass has been knocked back by the cold water and we had no problems going where we wanted as there was no surface salad to chop with the trolling motors. Rarely I would say the wind was actually helpful. None of my fish were off the brush, but everywhere in between. Cast with the wind to a very long as far as one can cast seemed to be the key. Saturday though we were the "Dinkanators". At least the Yotes and Coons were well fed.