Outstanding day at Dogleg

Dec 24 2020

Mark Wheelock


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Reservation Number : 26750
Property Name : Dogleg Ranch
Reservation Date : 12/23/2020 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 30
Lures Used : Chartreuse zoom grub on a beetlespin setup

The boys and I made our first trip out to Dogleg Ranch in Bandera.  We were on the water by 9:45 and it was cloudy/overcast and sort of foggy and very still.  Absolutely beautiful morning.  We each had on some shade of green plastic from worms to grubs, and quickly determined they were hitting everything, but the chartreuse zoom grub on a quarter ounce beetlespin proved to be a winner.  We caught them right on the edge of the weedline around the entire lake, but the most catching happened up at the far end of the lake away from the dam.  (The shallow end opposite the dam).   They were stacked in there in about two foot of water and hitting like they meant to kill the lure.   We missed quite a few of them, but managed to land 28.  The biggest was fifteen inches, so we threw that one back, but everything else was under fourteen.  The fish were hitting so hard they would about steal your rod if you weren't paying attention.   About 11:30 the sun came out and as soon as that happened, the bite stopped completely.   

We took a lunch break and gave it one more shot, threw everything we had in our tackle box at them, and managed to catch a couple more, bringing our day's total to 30.  We finally called it a day at 2:30.  One of the boys was drifting over some big stumps and sunken timber and saw several very large fish, but never could get a bite.  We absolutely cannot wait to go back and we all agreed it is our favorite lake we have fished so far.  It is easy to get to, the lake is very fishy, lots of underwater structure, the vegetation is perfect, and the water looks like an aquarium.   One of the neatest parts of fishing this lake is watching the fish holding on the huge tree stumps and rock piles as you drift over them.   Highly recommend y'all go check it out!   

Dec 25 2020

William Fetech


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Yes. Those stumps are huge!! The 8.5 pounder I caught last week was along the dam toward the launch side. I did catch a couple on the stumps using a square billed crank bait. 
Bill Fetech