Flying M Dec 8th

Dec 09 2020

Pete Lane


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Got to Flying M at 10:30 today, fished until dusk. Blue skies, N wind, cold water…. (48 degf). Water is also very muddy - must be due to cattle wading at the edge, visibility about 6-9". Ended up catching 15, this lake is full of fish - mostly around 1Lb, 2 just over 2. Most productive area was about 10 yds out on the dock side from the dock to the dam. It's about 10' deep here, then drops off gradually to 17' in the middle of the lake. Lots of matted weed on the bottom so a wacky-worm off a 3/16 oz jig head worked a a lot better than TX rig. Also caught a few all over the lake on a gold rattle trap. Really relaxing day on the water