A Bit Windy & Chilly at Whitesboro Flying M 11-27-2020

Nov 28 2020

Mark Borge


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It was in the mid 40's when we arrived this morning around 8:00. We threw a little from the bank before launching Tubby, a 10' Bass Raider boat. It was pretty chilly during the morning hours, especially on the water, with wind blowing from 10 to 20 mph. We were looking for some morning activity, throwing swim baits, chatter baits, and spinner baits while searching for active fish in shallower waters. After converting to a carolina-rigged plum zoom centipede, we started catching some nice bass in the 2 lb range in 8' to 12' of water. We were searching for bottom structure, drop offs, anything we could find that might hold fish, and the fish we caught seemed to be rather random in their locations. We then caught some on white spinner baits, including a very large crappie, probably around 2 1/2 lbs worth. The larger bass (up to about 3 1/2 lbs) were caught on a tokyo-rigged black and blue bandito bug in about 12 feet of water. Many of the bass were caught on Carolina-rigged #297 Senkos. This is a beautiful property and the lake is easy to fish, but kind of difficult to find holding points for bass in the open water. Although later afternoon action tapered off, we landed around 20 bass on the day (mostly in the 2lb range with 3 or 4 3lbs or more, 3 crappie (they were all big for crappie) and a perch. The bites were mostly subtle, but most of the fish were quite healthy. Whitesboro Flying M is a good lake, and a great place to be.