Tough but enjoyable day at Lakota

Nov 25 2020

Philip Davison


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My son and I love to fish this lake, but yesterday it proved itself to be really tough.  It was cloudy skies and a little breezy throughout the day with a few sprinkles happening mid day.  The air temp started at about 55 and warmed up to about 78.  We fished all day and only caught eight, with one being a very nice size crappie.  Two of the bass were in the 3-4 lb range.  No top water or crank baits worked.  All fish were caught on soft plastic stick baits fished low and slow almost as if you had to be lucky enough to hit them on the head.  Also, all the fish were caught around structure that we could see from above the water.  We did see a bald eagle which was very nice - first one I've ever seen in the wild.  One interesting note is that while fishing we saw one of the fish feeders activate along the dam but it produced zero fish activity.  We saw the food just floating on top of the water.  We thought that was strange and we are not sure what that might be an indication of, although we took it to mean that that wasn't a place for us to try our luck so we didn't fish there much at all.  Cautionary note - the back bucket seat of the onsite boat is very loose and wobbly as it is only attached to the base by one screw.  Because of this we took it off the boat and just fished sitting on the back bench.  We put the bucket seat back on the boat when we were finished, but people should know that in its current state it might break completely lose if used and cause someone to fall into the water, so please be careful and consider just removing it before fishing. We will be back to try our luck at this lake again as it's a great lake.